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Aim High Reach for the Sky!


Roade Writes....!

We challenged our school community to write a series of short stories and poems whilst we were separated in our homes. Here is what our young authors came up with! 

Quinn Jervis

Eavie Evans

Queene Mia Smith

Jessica Walker

Lily-Renn Evans

James Hunt

Rohan Mitchell

Maya Lee

The Forest Adventure

                          by Cara Lee

Once upon a time there lived Elsa and Anna and Rabbit.

Anna and Elsa were walking the Rabbit to his Gran's house. The witch loved Elsa so she captured her and she put Elsa in a cage.

Anna went north and Rabbit went south looking for Elsa. Anna and Rabbit's paths joined together and they saw Elsa.

They ran to Elsa......then the witch came! She took off her disguise to reveal that she was really really Elsa's mum!

The End


Morgan King

Harriett Philips

Grace Rackham


Paws and Claws

by Bethany Helliwell

Long claws

Soft  paws

Love strokes

Hate pokes

Eat hay

Like play

Fruit muncher

Veg cruncher

What Am I ?


I hope you like it!

Thea Andrews

Chloe Bridge



Mum shouts “go and get washed and dressed.”

Ugh, I’d rather play on my phone!

Mum shouts “go and empty the dishwasher.”

Ugh, I’d rather play on my phone!


Mum shouts “put your shoes on.”

Ugh, I’d rather play on my phone!

Mum shouts “put your coat on.”

Ugh, I’d rather play on my phone!


Mum shouts “we're going for a walk.”

We go through two fields.

We splash through muddy puddles.

This was so much fun!


By Aiden Roberts

Emmie Cham


By Emmie Cham

The trees on the mountain and leaves falling down

Some waves are big and some make a sound

Riding my bike looking at the beautiful sky

It makes me happy when I smile at the sun

Lucas Wardell


Ruby Gould

Fyndlay Evans

Scarlet Cummins

Harry HUNT


The Grass in Green

The rain is pouring

Today is going to be boring

and I'm going to be snoring!


School work is done

Now to have some Fun!

I wish my friends could come.


I can't wait to go back to school

It's going to be cool

To sit in my favourite stool.


By Harry Hunt

Joshua Shirman

AVA mitchell


By Scarlett E. Stokes

Grandmas do everything
everything like
washing our clothes,
sending us kisses,
writing cards to
the neighbours too.

When the kids come
round to stay for a day
the Grandmas say, let’s
play “Scrabble all day”.

The grandmas do anything,
anything you want, eating
biscuits on the road.
The grandmas are funny
doing anything.

Grandmas do anything, but
just can’t speak Spanish,
said this old girl in the big
black jeep.

Bethany Read


By Elsie Stimson-Handley

We need to stay safe

And have a little faith

So that we can race

The Coronavirus chase


Stay inside

Don’t go outside

Only to provide

Essential items to survive


I know that you’re getting bored

But there are people in a hospital ward

It has been assured

That we will get our reward

When the Coronavirus has been secured.

Ellie Henshaw

Emmeline Rackham

Isaac Berryman

Chase Andrews

May the 4th be with you.....

Star Wars Luke,

His lightsaber was blue,

He battled lots of the time,

And up the Death Star blew.

He didn't know his Dad,

(who sliced off his hand,)

Who was really terribly bad,

Then Luke went away and was sad.


By Alfie Tindall

Elise Hardman

Betsy the Spider Crab

Once upon a time, there was a spider crab called Betsy. She went to go and get some baby Bebos-which are little fish. She was going to eat them.

She crawls out of her house. She calls her family to help her and hunt together. But they didn’t get any because they went too high. So they went home hungry.

by Kian Roberts 

My story:

I woke up one morning to find that I was on my mattress in the middle of the ocean! At first, I just thought that it was a nasty trick that my brother had played on me during the night, but it turns out I was wrong…

Sharks were circling me like I was their prey, their ferocious pearly whites gleaming at me. I was panicking like crazy and shivers were running up my spine. The wind was picking up and causing the waves to become even bigger and they came crashing down all around me and splashing a foamy froth over my blankets. But then, a blasting boom came from behind me. I briskly turned around and saw a giant bomb falling straight on top of me! I paddled like my life depended on it-because it did. It was very hard to use my arms as I had just woken up from a very deep sleep.

It is the year 3000 and WW 3 has just broken out. We must have had a bomb dropped on us just as I fell asleep. I have no idea where the rest of my family are, but I hope they are keeping safe!

by Laura Stevens

Ava Mitchell