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Meet the Team


Our Governors 2019


Parent Governors                                   1 elected

Co-opted Governors                              7

Staff Governor                                         1 elected

LA Governor                                             1 appointed

Associate Members                               variable

Ex Officio                                                   Headteacher


All Governors are appointed for a 4 year period.


Governor                                Type                                                          Date of appointment                                      


Mrs Aimie Evans (Chair)       Parent Governor (elected)                           22/01/2020

                                            Teaching & Learning Committee

                                            HT Performance Management



Mrs Sue Hagon (Vice Chair)    Co-opted Governor                                    07/12/2019

                                               Resource Committee

                                               HT Performance Management


Mr Mick McCafferty                  Co-opted Governor                                    14/03/2016

                                              Resource Committee


Mrs Ann Thomas                       Co-opted Governor                                    25/09/2017

                                              Teaching & Learning Committee



Mr Lorne Murray                        LA Governor                                                03/05/2016 

                                               Teaching & Learning Committee



Mr Paul Curtin                            Co-opted Governor                                     16/03/2016

                                               Resource Committee (Chair)


Mrs Dominique Shirman        Parent Governor (co-opted)                     20/09/2016

                                              Teaching & Learning Committee (Chair)


Ms Paula Wynn                          Co-opted Governor                                    23/09/2019

                                               Resource Committee


Mr Philip Poole                           Co-opted Governor                                    23/09/2019

                                               Resource Committee                         


Mrs Val Metcalf                           Staff Governor (elected)                            28/11/2016

                                               Teaching & Learning Committee


Mr Stevyn Andrews                   Parent Governor                                        22/01/2020

                                      Resource Committee


 Mrs Sally Currell                         Associate Member                                    08/06/2015

                                               Teaching & Learning Committee      


Mrs Hayley Richardson           Associate Member                                      10/10/2016

                                              Resource Committee





                                                                                                                     Elected           Resigned

Mrs Dee Newman                   Staff Governor (elected)                   08/10/2013      11/07/2016

Mr Jason Abbott                      Parent Governor (co-opted)           24/06/2013    20/09/2016

Ms Philippa Jenner                 Co-opted Governor                            13/06/2013    20/09/2016

Mrs Bronwyn Hudson            Parent Governor (co-opted)           28/09/2015    20/03/2016

Mr Jonathan Quinn                 Parent Governor (co-opted)          29/09/2014    08/02/2016

Mr Keiron Madden                  Associate Governor                          08/07/2015       28/11/2016

Mrs Becky Clements               Parent Governor (co-opted)          20/09/2016      12/03/2018

Mr Gareth Lavery                     Parent Governor (elected)              28/09/2015     28/09/2018

Mr Mike Crouch                       Co-opted Governor                             01/12/2014      23/12/2018

Mrs Lesley Halford                   Parent Governor (co-opted)            13/05/2017      13/06/2019

Mrs Mel Albert                          Associate Member                              10/10/2016      13/06/2019