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Pastoral Care


We ask every member of our school community to work together to create an inspirational place where we can all thrive…..
‘A supportive community developing confidence, independence and a love of learning.’


At Roade Primary School we aim:
• To provide a happy, safe and caring place to learn
• To promote excellence, enabling all children to achieve their potential
• To provide our pupils with rich, diverse and enjoyable learning experiences
• To promote and foster self-esteem, motivation and a lifelong love of learning
• To encourage the children to become responsible citizens and to have respect for all
• To work in close partnership with parents, carers and the wider community for the benefit of our children


In everything we do we try to:


Our values underpin everything that we do. Each term has a value attached to it reinforced within assemblies and PSHE lessons. In the sixth term we concentrate upon what it means to be a proud member of our Roade community. These values are learning tools and life skills to support our students in the future in life and future learning.

At Roade Primary School we support our children to be:


Play your part: We expect all members of the school community to:

• Respect others regardless of race, creed or gender
• Act considerately towards others
• Develop pride in themselves, their appearance, their work and their school
• Respect the rights of others and other people’s property
• Respect each other as individuals but reject anti-social behaviour
• Take personal responsibility for their actions
• Listen to each other
• Help and care for one another
• Be honest, truthful and trustworthy


A high quality of Pastoral Care is central to our ethos at Roade Primary School; it underpins everything that we do and along with a high quality of teaching and learning, it is what our community is all about.

Our Pastoral aims include:

•being a school where the well-being of everyone is the prime concern of each member of our community
•supporting a learning community in which children and adults can realize their full potential
•providing a safe, stimulating and enriching environment where everyone is valued.
•encouraging pupils to grow up to be responsible, active members of their community
•promoting regular attendance and good behaviour as pre-conditions for maintaining high standards of achievement
•each child being encouraged to develop his/her own individuality whilst learning also that personal freedom involves responsibility to others
•promoting a values-based PSHCE curriculum which helps to give a firm moral basis in these times when so many attitudes, beliefs and ethics are questioned
•providing equal opportunities for all pupils regardless of ability, religion, race, culture or gender
•encouraging respect, tolerance and understanding between all members of our community
•a clear understanding that effort, kindness and good manners will be valued
•developing an understanding of being responsible for oneself
•fostering the kind of community where everyone helps each other and looks after our environment

Many visitors comment on our exceptional students and enjoy the friendliness, respectful and purposeful relationships which exist between staff and pupils. By the time pupils leave us in Year 6 we aim to have equipped them with self-confidence, the ability to problem-solve, an awareness of their own feelings and those of others, and enough self-control and self-discipline to manage effectively the transition to Secondary education and life after school.

Inclusion Policy